Tables Turned?

New year’s,Birthday’s and anniversary’s,Valentine’s day alike,“Special days”Days of celebration,Of love and some kind of milestone,Of gifts given and received,Of promises made and sworn,Of flaunting and ‘flexing’,Of closeness, kisses and hugs,Did I mention,Days of love?Good days,They are, But somehow bad for you,That’s how the universe works,You can’t have it all,At least not all at once,It is... Continue Reading →

Tale of a Broken Heart

Oh! The empty promises,Your scattered hopes,The scary phases,You riding in loops,To unforgiving heights.Oh! You nurse a pressing hurt,Gracefully housed in your teary eyes,The tale of a broken heart,The blinding lies that broke bound ties And daunting battle with sleepless nights.Oh! The path begins to endless thoughts,Clothed and covered with self-reproaches,Wallowing in regrets and growing detests,Drowning... Continue Reading →

#Fagia Kwako, She said.

Listen, I have something to say, When the world failed us, Systems crumbled us, And politics shuttered us, We saw a revolution, Powered by us, For us.   We found our voices, Through oppression, Not empowerment, Through unity, Regardless of origin, Fighting across borders, Through us.   We showed support, To brothers and sisters, From... Continue Reading →

Months?Truly, Thankyou.

I keep replaying the events of what I would call,Our relationship?The good, the bad, the sad and the best,As much as I want to hate you and regret it,I couldn't even if I tried,Those were few months,Of happiness, of self belief and peace. Few months of what I loved to call restoration,Whatever it means for... Continue Reading →

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